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Acorn Stairlifts has been helping people to stay safely in their own home for over 25 years and Acorn would be honored to help you. Acorn Stairlifts takes great pride in providing the right solution for anyone having difficulty with their stairs and with over 600,000 customers, Acorn has become the leader in the industry.

With Acorn Stairlifts you deal directly with the manufacturer. There's no middle man so Acorn can pass the savings directly to you the customer. Every person you speak with from Acorn stairlifts is an actual employee of the company. From your first phone call to you in home consultation you know you'll be treated right. That's because Acorn values its employees just as much as Acorn values its customers. Acorn’s people make the difference.

Recently Acorn became the first to earn the prestigious Ease-of-Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation, meaning that Acorn Stairlifts were independently evaluated to be safe, comfortable and easy to use.

Every Acorn Stair lift comes with a comprehensive warranty backed by Acorn’s own certified technicians and because you're buying direct from the manufacturer Acorn can often install your stairlift in as little as 24 hours.

Let's take a closer look at the Acorn Stair Lift and see what makes it the leader the industry. First each and every Acorn Stair Lift is customized to fit almost any type of staircase. The slim design rail system secures directly to the stairs not to the wall so there's no structural damage to your home.

Acorn uses a rack and pinion system for a smooth comfortable ride. Each Acorn Stair Lift folds up nice an easy, when not in use, so that everyone can continue to use the stairs.

Acorn stair lifts are powered by a rechargeable battery pack which allows for up to twenty five trips up and down the stairs in the event of a power outage. The way it works is simple: when the stair left is parked either at the top or the bottom of the stairs it sits on a charge point which recharges the battery after each use, so you're acorn stair lift is always ready to go.

When you press the pressure-sensitive paddle switches on each arm, this make the acorn stair lift easy to operate with your left or right hand and the remote control allows you to send the stairlift up or down making it simple to share with other loved ones.

Each Acorn stair lift comes with a variety of comprehensive safety features: You can turn the unit off when it is not in use, to keep children from playing on the stair lift. Safety sensors are on the stairlift that quickly stop the stairlift should anything get in its way. A unique swivel seat which rotates at the top of the stairs so you don't have to twist to get on or off. The soft start and soft stop feature insures that every ride on your acorn stair lift is smooth and comfortable and there's a safety belt for added security.

Acorn stair lifts has options for virtually any budget. The Acorn is the premier stair lift in the industry a true technological breakthrough only available from Acorn. The Acorn 180 offers capabilities simply other stair lifts cannot match. The Acorn 180 works on virtually any type of staircase.  The Acorn 180 operates on multiple landings and multiple stories. You have the option to decide exactly where you want to start, stop and park the stair lift both at top and bottom of the staircase.

Your may want the stairlift  to take you down a hallway to your bedroom door or you may want it to lead you right into your living room, it could do that too. The Acorn 180 can take you all the way from basement to your third-floor bedroom if that's what you require.

In fact, with Acorn’s one-of-a-kind fast-track system, Acorn can literally design your stairlift to fit your exact needs and preferences and just like all of Acorn's stairlifts Acorn can install an Acorn 180 in as little as 24 hours.

The Acorn 120 is the product that started it all for Acorn stairlifts. The New Acorn 130 is Acorn’s most affordable option, designed specifically for straight staircases. It's a perfect solution for those who have two story homes or single story homes with a basement. The Acorn 130 offers all the same features and benefits previously mentioned.

The Acorn 130 is also available in an outdoor unit which has been specially sealed and secured to assist you on your front door stair patterns.

Owning an Acorn Stair Lift can make an amazing difference in your quality of life. You'll never have to worry about falling. No more running out of breath climbing stairs or avoiding your stairs altogether. With an Acorn Stair Lift you get to regain your home again.

You may not always want or need to use your stairlift so you can fold it up and continue to use your stairs when you want to have the added Peace of Mind in knowing that Acorn Stairlift is there when you need and with over 600,000 customers isn’t now about time you join the Acorn Stair lifts family.

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Please Call Best Stairlifts USA 800-259-0370 for a Free No-Obligation Quote and More Information 

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